How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Service

Introduction to email marketing

Email marketing is the process by which the email composition goes through and gets the sending system to certain individuals or usually a group of people who can count as influencers. Such types of emails usually do not contain these materials that we frequently send to the people we encounter at work or in personal life in our everyday lives. These email forms are promotional messages that provide information about promoting the new business market or the specific service or product.

Email marketing isn’t dead by now, it’s far from dead. Today email marketing remains a very important marketing tool (and sales teams) across a variety of industries and forms of business. As a consequence, an email marketing service provider (ESP) is, for good reason, one of the first additions to a marketer’s tool belt at growing businesses. Email marketing isn’t gone, it’s far from gone. Today email marketing continues to be a critical marketing tool (and sales teams) across a variety of industries and forms of business. Consequently, an email marketing service provider (ESP) is one of the first additions to the tool belt of a marketer at growing companies and for great reason.It is critical to consider that much of your email marketing success depends entirely on the email marketing software you choose, as they are essential for securing that your emails are delivered.

What is an Email Marketing Platform?

Let’s look over what an email marketing platformis and why it is so essential to have one that will work with your team before we look over the best email marketing services today.

All your email marketing activities can be streamlined by email marketing services and tools. Based on the service, they have a wide range of features, which also include: automation, subscription, general electronic communication, and monitoring, monitoring, campaigning, integration with other marketing, sales and service software as well as analyses. While social media marketing is nowadays the biggest number of headlines, emails are still a widespread and efficient way to connect with clients.Not to mention, as ESPs continue to grow, A / B testing, automation, and personalization have made the resources of an increasingly divided audience much more important for a marketer. Now let’s take a look at some of the best email marketing services today – one that can be implemented in your company.

5 Email MarketiIkng Options

With an easy user interface (ideally drag-and-down editor), you should create highly informative email newsletters with a good email marketing service without much work, so you should be able to easily send customized and targeted bulk  emails.This is also called the automation of marketing. Besides that, you must also easily manage your email marketing list, classify users into communities, and monitor your email marketing campaigns. That said, let’s take a look at some of the email marketing’s most common providers and how they stack each other.We have listed significant features and price details for each of the following services, but we still suggest that you check the product and price pages of the service for more information.

Here are the 5 options:

  1. MailChimp

Formed in 2001, MailChimp has remained almost since it was developed one of the most popular email marketing platforms. It’s the first and only call port for many people. Its popularity on the market is largely due to its simple user interface allowing users to create professional e-mail templates and edit them easily. It is known especially for its simple functionality for drag and drop. Besides, this is a relatively economic option, making it a common choice for advertisers or smaller-budget organizations.MailChimp has millions of users in more than 175 countries and they use the data they collect to help you improve your email strategy. The tool is sufficiently versatile for the client but easy enough to start someone with the e-mail marketing strategy of their start-up.


MailChimp has four plans, from free to $299 a month, to select from the price range. Besides the free plan, depending on the choice you chose, the number of contacts you have will raise your monthly charge.

  1. Constant Contact

The Constant Contact e-mail marketing service is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing. It is also the easiest email marketing service to use and to start up. Your email lists, contacts, email models, marketing calendars, and more are easily managed. Every account provides you with easy monitoring and reporting, built-in tools to share social media, a free image collection, list segmentation, integration of Facebook ads, and a powerful Shopify E-commerce integration.Constant Contact provides customers’ exceptional assistance with live chat, phone, email, group support, and a wide range of helpful tools.


Constant Contact has two plans according to the features that you need to get started at $20 and $45 per month. The price difference depends on your contact number. They give a free trial so that before you commit to it, you can experiment with the service.

  1. GetResponse

Another popular email marketing solution is GetResponse. Email marketing for small companies is extremely easy to use and simplifies. This includes some amazing marketing automation tools to create insightful, automated campaigns. You can create campaigns, segment contacts, and send a range of e-mails that are for particular groups with their drag and drop builder. These tools help you develop efficient email campaigns to enhance your profits. Mobile phone, live chat, and email support are offered. We are full of free learning resources, such as videos, webinars, instructional content, guides, etc.


There are four GetResponse plans you could choose from at a cost of $15 to $99 each month (plus a customized company-level option for a quote). The price varies according to the size of your list and you can pay every month or every year. You can check the service before investing in each program’s free trial.

  1. AWeber

AWeber is one of the world’s oldest and most popular providers of email marketing services. You have a wide variety of tools to handle email marketing for small and medium-sized companies. AWeber is easy to get started. It seamlessly connects to many platforms, including WordPress. See our last guide to linking AWeber to WordPress for comprehensive instructions. You will have access to HTML email templates, list management, automatic answering, and email tracking with detailed information. Help services include online chat, phone calls, e-mail support, online webinars, and a wide variety of tutorials and information.


AWeber offers six plans based on your number of subscribers, which vary in price and features. Unless the plan is the best, the prices will range from $19 to $149 per month. Whether that is preferable to the monthly billing, you can also opt to pay for the quarterly or annual cycle.

  1. Drip

Drip is a versatile email marketing tool for businesses like e-commerce, bloggers, and digital marketing. They offer a wide variety of tools to promote promotion, sales, and customization. The distinguishing features of Drip from the competition are their smart marketing automation tools, smarter email segmentation, divided test functions, list groups, and a visual workflow developer. Drip services include live chat support, webinars, software training, extensive training courses, free guides, and excellent documentation.Support options at Drip also provide live chat support, webinars, automation training, comprehensive courses, and free guides. We use Drip in many of our businesses so we can send bulk e-mails using their smart e-commerce marketing automation while communicating and engaging with each customer directly.


While it is a bit expensive, we do believe Drip is the best email marketing software for e-commerce websites and businesses wanting to maximize their marketing effort with more advanced features.Drip provides a free trial and plans begin at $49 / month and then all features are included.

Final Words

After your research is completed and the choices for your preference have been narrowed, it is time to proceed and to start using it with your clients. A few methods strive to allow that this is a smooth operation.Most email marketing tools include basic emails, but if you want a variety of top quality features such as full personalization, help, and data analysis, there are fewer choices. Not to mention, if you’re a marketer, you might like to combine your email marketing service with CRM so that your marketing strategy, other marketing sales, and service efforts can have a greater impact. However. The best e-mail marketing tool for you ultimately depends upon the objectives and specific needs of your team – so review the above options and the product service and pricing pages, to begin with.

The features and advantages of each provider of these email services mean that the crowd does not have a single platform. Various companies may have different email strategies requirements. The choice of the best provider requires close consideration of the organization’s offers and capabilities, costs, and individual requirements. It is the key to a successful strategy for e-mail marketing.




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